Hiljaiset kallot, Salaliitto & Janne Tapio


There hasn’t been enough Finnish music here lately. Let’s make amends by posting some of my recent favourites.

First we have Hiljaiset kallot and their debut 7″ single Miespaikalla Ruotsiin / Kaunis nainen. It’s been out for a while on Fonal Records and it’s definitely a crime that it took me this long to post it. Hiljaiset kallot carries the torch lit by the forever lovely TV-Resistori and delivers a couple of outstanding and unique pop songs. This one is the a-side Miespaikalla Ruotsiin.

Hiljaiset kallot Website


I posted about this single by Salaliitto a while back, but a reminder is in order because I just keep on listening to this all the time. Plus I still haven’t posted this b-side Kaikilla on aikaa, which is one of my favourite Finnish songs of the year. I can’t wait to hear the full-length. I probably have to wait for a long while though because getting those vinyls pressed takes ages these days. The single is available on their Bandcamp. This is Kaikilla on aikaa.

Salaliitto at Facebook


Janne Tapio released his self-titled debut album early in the summer. I remember this guy from Supernova Crush. Maybe that’s why I get all these Posies-vibes and melodic power pop vibes even though this doesn’t have that much to do with that. Anyway, together with Jussi Suonikko (whom you might remember as the violin/mandolin maestro of Hi-Lo & In Between), Janne Tapio has created a very good folk-tinged pop album. This is Hälytyskello from the album. You can buy/listen to the whole album on his Bandcamp.

Janne Tapio at Bandcamp

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