14 Down, 1 To Go: One Chord To Another Turns 14!


One year to another. OCTA is now fourteen years old. That’s already a far longer time than I ever expected, but there’s still work to be done. Ok, you might have noticed that nothing is really happening right now and I feel extremely guilty about it. I just don’t really have enough energy for this at the moment. I apologize. Maybe things will get better soon. I doubt it, but at least I’m a bit more hopeful today than yesterday. Anyway, fifteen has been my goal and I intend to keep this thing somehow alive until that point. What happens after that I’m not entirely sure. The wise thing would be to organize a little anniversary concert / memorial service for the blog and go out with a bang. It’s also possible that I just don’t have the heart to completely stop after doing this for so long and this turns into one of those dreadful “one more year” things where a person with a decent track record (well lousy track record in my case) just doesn’t know how and when to quit.

Anyway, I’ll figure out 15 when I get there. Now it’s time to celebrate the 14th birthday (the actual birthday is actually tomorrow on the 17th of September, but I don’t have time to do this then) and I’ll do that by doing what I always do. Posting three songs that I really love at the moment.

Christopher Paul Stelling – Dear Beast

Hezekiah Jones – The Dark Heart’s Out

Joan Shelley – Over and Even

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