Big White Cloud Records: Ryan Boldt, Shuyler Jansen, Kacy & Clayton


Things are heating up in Saskatchewan / British Columbia / Alberta. Shuyler Jansen (from Old Reliable), Ryan Boldt (from The Deep Dark Woods), Kacy & Clayton and Jayne Trimble joined together and formed a label called Big White Cloud Records. They already have three full-lengths ready to drop into your heart during these last couple months of 2015, so you better leave a few spots open on your end of the year lists. They also have a pledge campaign going on, if you want to be one of the future cool kids who can brag about backing them before they became world famous. I would do so myself, but I think my local record store 8Raita will have these in stock as soon as they are available and buying these from there is a good way to support both the label and the record store.

Big White Cloud Records Website
Big White Cloud Records Pledge campaign

And these are the Big White Cloud releases that are coming out during these last months of 2015


Ryan Boldt – Broadside Ballads

This beauty already came out a year ago on CD/Digital, but now there’s also a vinyl available on Big White Cloud Records. The Deep Dark Woods frontman Ryan Boldt tackles some old folk traditionals on this one and does it exceptionally well. This one below is Love Is Pleasin’ from the album. PS. Ryan also has a new band called Yarrow. Follow the action here on their FB page as it unfolds during the next months.

Ryan Boldt Website


Shuyler Jansen – The Long Shadow

I have really high expectations for this new one by Shuyler Jansen. A big highlight of the year 2015 for me was seeing Ryan, Clayton and Shuyler playing at Bar Kuka, Turku last spring. A really big part of the greatness of that night was this dude. In a way that support set by Shuyler Jansen is my fondest memory of that evening, because it caught me off guard. I knew Ryan was going to be excellent, but I was such an ignorant twat that I didn’t know Mr. Jansen beforehand and suddenly I was witnessing a pretty perfect singer-songwriter set on all accounts. I look forward to hearing some of those wonderful songs on this new Shuyler Jansen album that is due out in December. This is the first outtake Old Machine.

Shuyler Jansen Website


Kacy & Clayton – Strange Country

There’s going to be a lot of jaws on the floor when this one hits the stores and our hearts. I know I had to pick mine from the floor after hearing this first outtake Springtime of the Year from the forthcoming Kacy & Clayton album Strange Country. This duo is set to achieve great things. Clayton is one hell of a guitarist and Kacy has a voice that needs to heard. Together they gently melt British and North American folk tradition together and create something timeless and captivating. Maybe that’s a bit much said after hearing one song, but what the hell. It’s just that good. This is Springtime of the Year.

Kacy & Clayton Website

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