Martin Courtney, Elvyn & Euros Childs


I’ve always been sort of a semi-fan of Real Estate, but never extremely excited about them. This new Martin Courtney solo album on the other hand. Oh my, I’m totally into this. A bit strange I guess, because it doesn’t differ that much. Still there’s something extra for me here. Or perhaps there’s actually something less here and that’s why I love this sound so much. It’s pure ear candy for me and an absolute beauty of an album. This is Northern Highway from Martin Courtney’s solo album Many Moons that just came out on Domino.


Martin Courtney Website


Canadian pop group Elvyn are finally back and ready to give birth to another pop treasure. In case you’ve been following this blog for years, you might remember that I’m a big fan of the band and absolutely loved their previous album The Decline. I still love that thing. It’s among my favourite harmony-filled pop albums of the past ten years. Albums like The Decline by Elvyn, You Love It Here by I Was A King and Learning Love by Bobby Emmett should be world-famous.

The new one is called Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour and it’s due out 15th of November. I haven’t spent too much time with it yet, but it’s definitely another good one. It’s got a bit less of that “west coast meets TFC in Canada” kind of stuff which they master so perfectly. That’s a bit unfortunate, because I so love that. No harm done though, because there’s a lot of great songs and truckload of gorgeous melodies. For example the first three songs are all killers, the sweetest kind of killers. This is the opener Ellie.

Elvyn Website


The legendary Euros Childs is also back in this ball game delivering the sweetest kind of music. New album Sweetheart is now out and available. Just visit his website for more information. Here’s a tune called Fruit and Veg from the lovely album. Euros Childs with friends playing a sweet pop song, plus there’s a cat in the video. Who wouldn’t love that. This is all for tonight. Tomorrow something completely different. Take it away Euros Childs.


Euros Childs Website

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