R.L. Cole – Live from Cherryvale & Patrick Sweany – Daytime Turned To Nighttime


Stepping out of my comfort zone for a while. It’s time to head on to bluesier surroundings. I stumbled upon Denver-based songwriter R.L.Cole a while back and I think he masters this old-fashioned blues storytelling exceptionally well. He has a couple of releases out over at Bandcamp for name-your-price deal. Those are filled with rather awesome blues songs. This is one of my biggest favourites, Abel Johnson’s Baby Blues.

R.L. Cole at Facebook


A long time favourite Patrick Sweany also dropped a new album Daytime Turned To Nighttime a couple of months ago. This new one is definitely a bit more beautiful and subtle than some of his earlier material. So if you are looking for that intense blues rock side of Patrick, you might be slightly disappointed. There’s no need to worry about the quality though. That remains equally high as before and the album contains a bunch of gorgeous songs. I’m especially fond of Afraid Of You and this wonderful song called Mansfield Street.

Patrick Sweany Website

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