Ben Bullington was a great songwriter


Today I found a treasure. Today I found the songs of Ben Bullington. This pretty set the tone for my day and I’ve been listening him all day long. And well most likely will continue to listen for months and years to come.

Ben Bullington was a doctor who lived in Montana and self-released several beautiful & poetic singer-songwriter albums. I’m not sure should anyone ever compare anyone to Townes Van Zandt who sure was one of a kind, but Townes definitely comes to my mind while listening to Ben. Ok, he is not that great. Nobody in the world has ever been that great. Still, oh my. This is world class songwriting and most of those Nashville professionals would struggle to match the level and the sincere beauty of these folk songs. This is mesmerizing and deeply moving. Unfortunately Ben passed away in late 2013, but he left behind something real and true that will keep on shining on forever.

Here are a couple of songs by Ben Bullington that I already hold dear.

I’ve Got To Leave You Now


White Sulphur Springs


Here’s To Hopin

“Here’s to Hopin we come together
in the short run
on the third one from the sun”


Ben Bullington Website

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