Jon Latham, Aaron Lee Tasjan & Kent Eugene Goolsby


Jon Latham’s debut full-length has been a big fave during the past few weeks. The big man from Nashville delivers some Real Bad News in real good fashion. You can’t go wrong with any one the songs, but I go with Waitressing Sucks this time around. That title might not sound like world class poetry, but Jon is actually a very good storyteller and the album is filled with stories, lines and melodies that will easily find the core of your heart. Extremely highly recommended.


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Next we have some real ALT Country and ALT Rock. That’s horribly bad and way-too-obvious joke, but it doesn’t change the fact that ALT aka Aaron Lee Tasjan recently released a new album that is real and true and carries the title In The Blazes. I haven’t learned to love the cover art, but what really counts are the songs and Aaron Lee Tasjan knows how to write killer ones. Aaron gallops around American songwriting tradition and creates his own refreshing blend of folk, country, blues and alternative rock. Sometimes the album is on the edge of my comfort zone, because I’m not that much into the bluesy rockers in general. But being on the edge is better than being boring and there’s also a lot here that I really love. I’m especially fond of Lucinda’s Room, Judee Was A Punk and this one below called E.N.S.A.A.T.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website


Kent Eugene Goolsby is a prolific songwriter. Last summer he released a mighty good album No Substitute for Handsome that was filled with great songs and old-fashioned charm. Now few months later he is back with a new EP titled Minor Wear. This one sounds a bit more modern, but equally convincing. Vocal harmonies are still the greatest in music as far as I’m concerned and therefore I really like these female backing vocals by Anna Leigh Goolsby. Certainly adds another level to the songs. I really like these lyrics as well. I can perfectly relate to several lines. Not sure should I be worried about that. Anyway, this is Better Angels from Kent’s new Minor Wear EP. It’s name-your-price deal over at bandcamp.

Kent Eugene Goolsby Website

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