The Provincial Archive – Bad Connection


Canadian group The Provincial Archive returns with a new EP that will come out on the 20th of November on their own Consonant Records. They first won my heart over a couple of years ago when I found their 2010 album Maybe We Could Be Holy. Their sort of folk songs meet Death Cab For Cutie thing instantly appealed to me and that album was filled with great songs.

Fast forward to November 2015. They have become three-piece since keyboardist Nathan Burge left to follow his other goals in art. The remaining trio have also changed the path a little and have went from beautiful folk to beautiful distortion. The new set of influences come from 90s alt.rock and guitar driven power pop like early Weezer. Apparently they’ve always had this side as well, but now they let it shine more brightly on their music. So it looks like they are totally my kind of guys. That’s the music that I will always love the most and no matter how deep I sunk into this country thing, the foundation of my music taste will always be that 90s guitar pop and 90s indie rock.

The new six-song EP drops on your lap next Friday, but you can already listen to the whole thing. Exclaim! has a premiere going on, if you want to get head start. This one below is the excellent opener Bad Connection from the forthcoming EP.


The Provincial Archive Website

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