Joey Kneiser – The Wildness


It’s a been while since we’ve had a new a Glossary album, but there’s still a whole lot of great music coming from that camp at the moment. I recently posted about the current actions of their steel wizard Todd Beene and now I’m again praising the Glossary folks. Last week the frontman Joey Kneiser released his new solo album The Wildness and as expected it sounds so great that I might have to go back to the drawing board with this albums of the year list that I’m slowly building (won’t be ready before late December).

The Wildness is a magnificent album filled with soulful rock’n’roll, folk and americana. Songwriting is on a high level and damn how great it is to hear Joey and Kelly singing together once again. Those voices belong together and reach corners of your body that you can’t find from a human anatomy encyclopedia. All in all, The Wildness is a further proof that Joey Kneiser should be recognised as one of the top guys in this American songwriting thing during the past ten years. This is Every Port in The Storm from The Wildness that is now out on This Is American Music.

And here’s the video for the title track The Wildness.

Joey Kneiser Website

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