Daniel Markham & Claire Morales – Harmony In Hell


According to my last.fm stats (it doesn’t cover everything, but gives a fairly good idea of my taste), Pretty Bitchin’ by Daniel Markham is my all-time most listened album by a large margin. Top 3 is 1. Daniel Markham – Pretty Bitchin’ 1219 plays and 2. Frontier Ruckus – Eternity of Dimming 740 plays. So it’s not a wrong assumption to say that I love this guy and that record especially. Pretty Bitchin’ gives me energy, if all this sad bastard stuff i continuously listen to tries to drag me too far down.

Let’s move forward to Halloween 2015. Of course I should have posted this then, but well life and/or laziness came in the way. Anyway, earlier in the fall Daniel Markham teamed up with another great singer-songwriter Claire Morales and together they wrote and released a new halloween-y album Harmony In Hell. It came out on Halloween, but it works just as well during these dark winter nights. This wonderful opener Velvet is my favourite song of the album. Those beautiful male-female harmonies send a shiver down my spine.

Daniel Markham at Facebook
Claire Morales at Facebook

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