Brent Best & At The Helm Records


UK label At The Helm Records struck a deal with Last Chance Records and they will be releasing part of the current and future Last Chance catalog over in UK/Europe. That sounds mighty good to me, because Last Chance have released or are releasing albums from some of my favourite artists like John Moreland, Glossary, Austin Lucas, American Aquarium, Two Cow Garage. Unfortunately the Euro distribution of those releases has been rather awful in the past, but hopefully that’s about to change now.

Their first collaboration is Your Dog, Champ, the much debated solo album by Slobberbone’s Brent Best (next year there will be a brand new and most likely brilliant Austin Lucas album and the first Euro releases of old John Moreland albums, his In The Throes is one of the best albums released during the past five years). Anyway, Your Dog, Champ came out earlier in the fall on Last Chance and it just got a UK/Euro release a few weeks ago. It’s a very good album and has some great songs like Aunt Ramona and Career Day. I’m also liking the very disturbing tale called Good Man Now way more than I’m ready to admit. This however, is Aunt Ramona.

At The Helm Records Website
Last Chance Records Website
Brent Best Website

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