Salaliitto & Sonik


It’s the day of Finnish music here in Finland, so it’s a good time to post a couple of new Finnish pop treasures. I do that way too rarely. Salaliitto’s long-waited debut full-length is due to be released by Plastic Passion on 18th of December. This album is also the reason why I haven’t even started to sketch my Finnish albums of the year list. I have to hear this one first, because I’m 100% sure it will be on my top 10. Quite frankly I wouldn’t even be surprised, if it took the first place on that list. Here’s the latest outtake Uuteen elämään from the forthcoming album.


Salaliitto at Facebook


A long time favourite songwriter / singer / human being, Ville Härkönen has a new band called Sonik and their debut album Ääriviivat dropped into the stores and my heart a couple of months ago. The songwriting duo Heikki Marttila and Ville Härkönen have created an album full of of heartwarming Finnish pop songs and it’s been absolute pleasure to listen to this album. This is Ääriviivat suuren tarinaan from the new album.


Sonik at Facebook

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