Top 10 Songs Of The Year 2015 – The Finnish Edition

This is the next chapter of the dreaded end of the year lists. The Finnish songs I loved the most during the year. I try to get the albums of the year lists done before the Christmas as well, but it’s possible that you will have to wait a little longer (as if someone is actually waiting). The day job keeps me rather busy during the holiday season.

Top 10 Finnish Songs of the Year 2015


10. Maanvaiva – Kalpeanaama

I have to bend my own rules a bit to include this one. No cover versions policy flies out of the window when Tom Stenman starts singing. Maanvaiva makes a great rendition of Noitalinna Huraa’s Kalpeanaama.



9. Satan’s Fingers – Kangaroo

Satan’s Fingers are onto me and definitely know which strings to pull to get my attention. They pick the name from a song by The Mountain Goats and they sing about Big Star. I definitely recommend seeing them live, because their album doesn’t completely capture their greatness, but it’s still pretty damn good. This might be a slightly weird choice, because there’s far more catchy stuff on the record, but I want to go with this homage to Kangaroo.


8. Vasas flora och fauna – Nog var han en vän

My Swedish skills are rather limited, but my love for the melodic sense of Mattias Björkas has no limits whatsoever. Therefore Vasas flora och fauna reaches my heart, even though I don’t completely understand what he is singing about. Gudförälder would have been equally good pick, but still it had to be a song where Mattias sings the lead.


7. Hiljaiset kallot – Miespaikalla Ruotsiin

Hiljaiset kallot debuted with a 7″ single Miespaikalla Ruotsiin on Fonal Records. This one is a must for TV-Resistori fans, because it has the same guys (no Päivi though) and King Yrjö is still a master of creating unique pop songs.


6. The Rollstons – I am Asparagus

One of my biggest favourites The Rollstons were back in this ball game and they were once again in top form. The lyrics on this one might not be for everyone, but I’ve loved this song from the beginning.


5. Vähäsarja – Palava silta

Vähäsarja’s self-titled debut full-length contains three songs that I absolute love (nothing wrong with the rest of the album either, which you will find out when I list the albums). These are Peili, Palava silta and 13 kerrosta. Palava silta is the choice tonight, but the other two are equally wonderful.


4. Viljami Kukkonen – Keinuta mua

Säkki already made my list last year, so I’ll go with my another big favourite Keinuta mua. Also the first two songs would be just as good picks, but somehow this has appealed to me from the start. I’m still a huge fan of Viljami Kukkonen and love the warmness of his songs. The new one wasn’t as good as Mörönsyötti, but I’m not gonna hold that against him. After all that was/is the finest Finnish album of the decade so far. Actually the new might end up getting the album of the year award this year as well. There’s not a clear favourite and I have a few options.


3. Salaliitto – Kaikilla on aikaa

I just bought the Salaliitto album from the in-store concert at 8raita, so I can’t be sure is this the best song on the album. But if there are songs better than this one, it’s one incredible record. Kaikilla on aikaa appeared as the b-side of their digital single and that’s why it’s been on heavy rotation for several months. The album will now get the same heavy rotation treatment, so I can figure out where it will be on my albums of the year list. I’m quite sure it will demand a very high spot on that list.


2. Topi Saha – Helsingin Taivas

Topi Saha was leading my imaginary rankings throughout the year, but had to give up one spot during the last few months. It doesn’t change the fact that Helsingin Taivas is one amazing song and a perfect ending to his latest album Nykyaika. The song might not be universally considered instantly catchy, but I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and our relationship has remained equally strong throughout the year.


1. Ochre Room – The Fowler

And the Finnish Song of the Year Award goes to The Fowler by Ochre Room. It was a pretty close call with Topi Saha, but in the end my love for Ochre Room was just too strong. It’s kind of like a swan song for the current incarnation of the band, because things are changing. It’s definitely somewhat sad, but thankfully Lauri will continue writing and performing and I’m 100% sure that we will hear more great music from him and Ochre Room in the not-too-distant future. This is The Fowler by Ochre Room.

Ochre Room – The Fowler from Monadi-Filmi on Vimeo.

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