Top 15 EPs of the Year 2015

Moving on the final end of the year 2015 list. My favourite Eps of the year list. I won’t do the reissues list, because I only bought a few. So much good new stuff plus close to two thousands euros spent on various doctors, chiropractors and physios didn’t leave any money whatsover left for the reissues. I highly recommended the Epic Soundtracks vinyl reissues, if you don’t own those records yet. The classic DM3 also had a new remastered compilation out on the Alive/Bomp lavel. And of course everything that Light in The Attic or Ace puts out is always worth a visit. Anyway, here’s the EP list and then it’s time to finally move on to 2016, The fifteenth and quite possibly final year of One Chord To Another. I guess I should also start planning the 15th birthday celebrations that takes place next September. Would be fun to organize something special. We’ll see how it goes. It’s quite possible that nothing happens.


15. Widower – Dark Blue

The album Fool Moon by Widower holds a very special place in my heart. During 2015 Kevin Large returned with a new EP Dark Blue. Your Copy of The Catcher In The Rye was the highlight. I hope we will get a new album during 2016.


14. Darrin Bradbury – The Story of Bob

Darrin Bradbury is a damn fine storyteller and songwriter. This is The Story Of Bob.


13. The Provincial Archive – The Provincial Archive

The Provincial Archive became a trio and took a step towards 90s power pop and melodic indie rock on their self-titled EP. I don’t have anything against that.


12. Aaron Lee Tasjan – Telling Stories to The Wall

The most important Aaron Lee Tasjan release of 2015 was the album In The Blazes, but this EP also got a lot of airplay in this household. There was a couple of even better ones on the album, but Living Proof is still among my favourite ALT tunes.


11. Wilder Maker – Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire Vol I, II & Vol III

Wilder Maker finished their EP trilogy (or will there be more?). Vol 1 was late 2014 and the other two came out during 2015. They do also contain a couple of not-that-great tunes as well, but mostly brilliant.


10. Kent Eugene Goolsby – Minor Wear

Kent Eugene Goolsby also made the album list, but the prolific songwriter also released a really good Minor Wear EP late in the year. This is just as good. Sometimes it feels like it’s even better.


9. John Calvin Abney- Vice Versa Suite

John Calvin Abney also released a damn fine album Better Luck early in the year, which was close to making the cut on the albums list. Thankfully he also released a damn fine EP Vice Versa Suite late in the year, so I can still show some year end love to this fine artists who besides making great solo releases also plays on a lot of other albums that I love.


8. Andy Reed – Relay Vol 1.

A long time favourite Andy Reed now operates under his own name and delivered a great melodic pop treasure Relay Vol 1.


7. Pearl Charles – Pearl Charles

Pearl Charles from LA delivered a really delightful blend of garage pop, psych pop/folk and west coast rock. I’m so eager to hear more material from her. Irresistible stuff.


6. China – Toward The Sun & The Wall

I teamed up the two China EPs here, because I bought them at the same time and have been listening to them together as well. The Wall was a Dec14 release and Towards the Sun came out in Apr15. Odawas is often on the borderline of my comfort zone, love some of the material, don’t even like all of it. China is more my cup of tea and these are both wonderful releases.


5. Micah Schnabel – Not The Boy You Used To Know

A long time favourite Micah Schnabel who also kicks ass with his band Two Cow Garage released another great solo release. An Ep called Not The Boy You Used to Know. The best part of Micah’s year was Two Cow’s Let The Boys Be Girls that also appeared on my songs of the year list, but this one is really good as well.


4. Jay Gonzalez – The Bitter Suite

Jay Gonzalez plays the keys in Drive-by Truckers, but the man is also a bit of pop wizard on the side. Making a 5-song rock medley is a rather ludicrous idea, if you ask me, but Jay was able to make this work wonderfully.


3. Buffalo Gosbel – Waiting For The Lights To Go Out

I’m not entirely sure does a two song digital release count as an EP, but they call it themselves an EP so who am I to disagree. There’s no doubt about the greatness of it though. I really loved the previous Buffalo Gospel album and this is equally brilliant. Especially the title track Waiting For The Lights To Go Out is just stunning.


2. Taylor Knox – Lines

Toronto-based Taylor Knox has played the drums for some of favourite artists like Hayden, but Lines EP shows that he is also more than capable of leaving the drum set behind and stepping under the spotlight. This is wonderful Sloan-ish melodic pop and rock’n’roll. Basicly my favourite EP of the year 2015, because my #1 pick is technically a late 2014 release.



1. Courtney Marie Andrews – Leuven Letters

I’m still arguing with myself is it alright to name Leuven Letters by Courtney Marie Andrews as my favourite EP of the year, because it actually came out in late 2014. In the end, I just don’t have the heart to leave it out, because it’s by far the EP I loved the most during the year. I can never get enough of They Say or Near You. I’m so looking forward to the next full-length from this gifted singer-songwriter, because this EP is so remarkable and beautiful.

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