Pony Bradshaw – Josephine


It’s time to move on to 2016 and it’s time to fall in love with new music again. It’s also time to make that final push until this blog is fifteen years old next September. For the last few years the guilt of continuously neglecting the blog and continuously neglecting plenty of amazing releases due to various reasons has overshadowed the positives. So I’m gonna try this one more time and do it as well as I still can. Let’s see where I am next fall and whether it feels like it’s still worth it to continue.

Let’s kickstart the year with Josephine by Pony Bradshaw. This is the first outtake from their forthcoming album Bad Teeth. I assume forthcoming. It does say on that Bandcamp page that it comes out fall 2015, but I didn’t found any proof of its existence so I’m assuming the release date has been pushed for later. I hope it’s out soon, because I love this song and I’m eager to hear more. It even gives me some early Songs: Ohia vibes in a few places. Might be just me and I’m letting the name Josephine play tricks in my head. A damn great song nevertheless.

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