PURSES – Hitchhiker / Wheels On The Run


I’ve been following the adventures of Drew Beskin since I heard Slowburner by The District Attorneys some years ago. The DA called it a day late last year, but thankfully we now have PURSES ready to hit our hearts (and there was that pretty damn fine album by Party Dolls in between as well). In my imaginary wonderworld, Drew Beskin has the same kind of following as Westerberg, Malkmus, J.Mascis. Not that this really sounds like any of them that much, but he is just damn good and breathes life back to this US indie alt.rock thing that I grew up listening to.

There seems to be a small danger that I’m entering into an excessive praising mode (ok probably already did do that), so let’s just post some music. PURSES just debuted with their first single Hitchhiker / Wheels On The Run and both of these songs are brilliant. For example Hitchhiker is almost overfilled with great things. It kind of has foundation for several great songs, but PURSES blend those ingredients together wonderfully. The debut album Obsess Much is due out in the spring of 2016 on Laser Brains / This Is American Music. And sorry if I made this a one man show. PURSES is a band and a damn fine band. Members have previously played (or still play) in such great bands as Tedo Stone, Crooked Fingers, The District Attorneys, Blue Blood etc. Here are the songs from the first single that is now out and available.


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