Richmond Fontaine (duo) & Fernando, Finland Tour in April


Major news on the One Chord to Another scale. The wonderful Richmond Fontaine will be touring in Finland this April in support of their new album You Can’t Go Back If There Is Nothing To Go Back To. The full band isn’t backing Willy Vlautin on this Finland tour, but I’m 100% sure that these duo performances will still be something really special. A big thanks to 8raita for making this dream come true.

Richmond Fontaine -duo Finland Tour (support Fernando)

5 – Helsinki, FI – Korjaamo
6 – Tampere, FI – Telakka
7 – Turku, FI – Gong

(I’ve heard rumours of another Finnish concert, I’ll add it later if the rumour turns out to be true)

The unfortunate part of this tour is the fact that it’s a farewell tour and record for Richmond Fontaine and we have to say farewell to one of the best band of the past twenty years. I personally joined the party rather late. That was when Fitzgerald came out in 2005, but that instantly won my heart over and I bought most of the back catalogue and have bought all full-lengths they have released after that and enjoyed them all. Ok, I do struggle a bit with The High Country, great lyrics of course, but the music is a little challenging. Winnemucca (2002), Post To Wire (2004) and The Fitzgerald (2005) is my favourite part of their catalog. It might be mostly because those were my introduction to Richmond Fontaine, but whatever the reason, I extremely highly recommend all of those albums. Five heart classics in my books and the rest of the catalog isn’t far behind. Actually Thirteen Cities is so damn good as well that I’m already having seconds thoughts about naming those three above as my favourites. Just listen to all of them.

The new album is due out in March 2016 on Decor Records. The first two outtakes are both absolutely wonderful. This is Wake Up Ray from the forthcoming album.

And here’s one from the support artist Fernando. I’m such an ignorant fool that I haven’t heard about him before, but this does sound mighty good. Another great reason to wait for this tour. In case you need some dreadful namedropping there are people like Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey playing on this record. So the guest musician list is rather impressive, but the most impressive and important part is still Fernando Viciconte’s excellent songwriting. This is The Dogs from the latest Fernando album Leave The Radio On that just came out in Europe on Decor Records.

Richmond Fontaine Website
Fernando Website

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  1. Hello,

    I came across this website a couple weeks back and it has been an absolute joy. Wonderful music and very good writings, it’s so nice to see that lovers of folk/indie/alt. exist in Finland 🙂

    Regarding Richmond Fontaine, I remember sending them an email when I moved over to Finland 6/7 years ago begging them to play here, my request has finally been answered :). I’ve seem them numerous times and they’re outstanding, pity it’s not the full band but still an amazing night(s) in store.


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