Chris Bathgate – Old Factory EP


Not much is happening here. I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and spent hundreds and hundreds of euros on various blood tests instead of records. The good thing is that I actually may finally have a reason and a perfectly treatable reason why I’ve had that numbness, muscle weakness and horrible lack of energy for almost two years. It remains to be seen whether that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but at least I have something that I can work on to make myself feel better. And actually I already do feel a little bit better, but that of course might just be some sort of placebo effect at this point. I sure hope I can finally get the energy levels back up, because it’s been hard enough to just battle through the work days and there just haven’t been anything left for this hobby.

The biggest music news of the year so far is the return of Chris Bathgate and the release of his new EP Old Factory. It’s been five years since we’ve gotten new music from Chris Bathgate, but I’ve listened to a lot of his songs during those five years. I discovered him way too late when that previous album Salt Year came out in 2011, but I instantly fell in love with that record and I soon bought his back catalogue as well. He has become my all-time most listened artist based on stats during these past five years. If I ever make another all-time favourite album list, his 2007 album A Cork Tale Wake will definitely be one of my first picks. What a masterpiece and Salt Year and Throatsleep aren’t far behind. Chris Bathgate’s new EP Old Factory came out 5th of February on Quite Scientific and it’s a great addition to his catalogue of masterful and intriguing folk releases. This is Calvary from the new EP.

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