Nap Eyes – Thought Rock Fish Scale


Due to some distribution hiccup my vinyl copy of the new Nap Eys album Thought Rock Fish Scale still hasn’t reached the local record store. Therefore I still have to rely on Spotify stream for the new album and have to spent my offline life with the previous one Whine of the Mystic. Not a huge first world problem, because even the old one still keeps on revealing more and more greatness with each listening session. I’ve also managed to spent enough time with Thought Rock Fish Scale to confirm that this Canadian band is still in great from and there’s no second album curse anywhere to be found. They just deliver some of the finest and most inspiring indie rock these days. Sure it took a while to get used to that sound and style that at first felt almost lazy and uninspiring, but after getting dragged into the world of Nigel Chapman and co, I no longer wish to get out of it and I’m fully ready to join the choir that refers Nap Eyes as some kind of weird saviours of indie music. Maybe I even start a Finnish subsection of that choir.

Thought Rock Fish Scale is now out on Paradise Of Bachelors (US/Europe) and You’ve Changed Records (Canada). This is Mixer From the new album.

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