Nive and The Deer Children – Feet First


Nive Nielsen is my only connection to Greenlandic music scene, but perhaps I need to dig deeper into that scene at some point, because I do adore Nive and The Deer Children. Their latest album Feet First was released by Glitterhouse Records just a few weeks ago on 1st of February. The original release date was late 2015, but the Nordic countries had to wait until 2016 for the gentle breeze of Greenlandic folk pop. As a long time fan of Giant Sand, Nive’s collaboration with Howe Gelb was probably the reason why I first hit play back in 2011 (also a collaborator on this new album), but her ability to write captivating and fascinating folk songs is the reason why I kept on listening. Here are a couple of examples of her talent. The video for the song Are You Ready and Tulugaq. The latter is sung in her native Greenlandic tongue.


Nive and The Deer Children Website

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