Jim Bryson – The Depression Dance (video)


Another quick video post. This time it’s Canadian Jim Bryson and the opening track The Depression Dance of his new album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place. I actually haven’t heard the album yet, so this is serves also as a reminder to myself that I should take care of that sometime very soon. Everyone needs a bit of Jim Bryson in their life.

This first outtake is a little different than the folk beauties of the one he did with The Weakerthans. Perhaps this is even something that I don’t normally enjoy, but I must say that I really like this song. It makes me happy. It even makes me want to dance a little and to do that to a reserved, shy, quiet man is extremely difficult. Well done Jim. The world feels a little lighter for the duration of that song and perhaps the song will carry some of the weight next time I let some minor insignificant thing drag me down. It’s an elite skill of mine. Being stressed about things that don’t really matter. But this could help, this is The Depression Dance.


Jim Bryson Website

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