The Burning Hell – Men Without Hats


My beloved Canadians The Burning Hell are about to release a new album Public Library. It comes out on BB*Island in April. Public Library contains my favorite song of the year 2015, Fuck the Government, I Love You. I still love it to bits, but this greatest song of the decade is not the only great song on Public Library. Lately I’ve been seriously addicted to this song called Men Without Hats. It’s an coming of age story that revolves around Canadian synth pop group Men Without Hats. I can’t say that I’ve ever listened to them, but if they inspired such a magnificent song, I better give them a spin sooner or later. This song also feels kind of like of companion piece to earlier The Burning Hell hit or should-be hit Nostalgia, because both give me nostalgic vibe for the late eighties.

Public Library is due out April 1st on BB*Island. This is Men Without Hats from the forthcoming album.

And if someone actually thought I could pass up the opportunity to post the best song of the decade, you were wrong. This is Fuck The Government, I Love You.


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