Andy Shauf – The Party (20th of May)


Some fabulous release news arrived today and because I’m really excited about this, I have to make an early shout out about it. Canadian songwriter Andy Shauf recently signed with ANTI- (US/Europe) and Arts & Crafts (Canada) and these lovely labels will release his new album The Party on 20th of May. The first outtake The Magician from the forthcoming album is also now out and available and as expected it sounds spectacular. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Andy Shauf is a brilliant storyteller and songwriter. Beautifully akward characters going through the little adventures of their lives in forms of masterfully arranged folk songs. The Bearer of Bad News was a great record that I still listen to and I’m sure the new one is going to be even better. This is The Magician from the forthcoming album.

Andy Shauf Website

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