Matti Jasu & The Loose Train – Gone To The Dogs


I’ve been pushing this further, because I kind of wanted to make a better and bigger post about this one instead of these short news entries that I throw left, right and centre. Well it looks like that’s not happening, so better get this one still done because it’s one of my early 2016 favourites when it comes to Finnish releases.

Matti Jasu & The Loose Train are back on the driveway with a new album Gone To The Dogs that came out in February. I’ve been a Matti Jasu fan since the Goodnight Monsters days and have enjoyed all of his releases. Gone to The Dogs is no exception and might well be the best of the bunch. This is mostly a damn good melodic pop album, but also those Neil Young-influences still push through in some of those long guitar-driven slightly folk-y rock treasures. Gone To the Dogs is one of the most delightful Finnish releases of the year so far. Maybe the overall sound leaves a little bit to be desired, but it’s not a big deal. I dig the DIY spirit and I prefer this over anything overpolished that lacks the living sense.

Gone to the Dogs is available as CD/Digital download on his bandcamp. You can also find copies at 8raita record store here in Turku. This is Race You Down to The Ground from the album.

And here’s the music video for the album opener What Goes On that I posted a while back. It’s a great video, so it deserves another go.


Matti Jasu Website

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