Bry Webb – Provider & Free Will


In this blog world the time span for an album being relevant often seems to be counted in days or weeks, which of course is a load of nonsense. I can’t preach though, because I’m no better and often fail to write about the older releases that won my heart over. Let’s make a quick exception by shortly writing about Bry Webb’s solo albums Provider (2011) and Free Will (2014) . I bought these beauties from Zunior’s traditional boxing day sale and I keep on listening to these all the time. I admit that these haven’t gotten much airtime during the day, but Bry Webb has been my go-to guy for the late nights when I want to hear something peaceful that holds true value. Especially if I can’t get any sleep at all, I just put the headphones on and lay on the comfort of Provider. The only trouble is that it might make insomnia a wanted feature. In case you are unfamiliar with this Canadian musician, Bry is best known as the lead vocalist of The Constantines, but nowadays is making these beautiful singer-songwriter albums. I haven’t really ever been much into The Constantines, but perhaps I should give a proper try at some point, because I’m really into the solo output of two members of that bands Bry Webb and Steven Lambke.

Here’s a song from each of those Bry Webb those albums that I’ve grown to love during the last few months. Both are out and available on a great Canadian label Idee Fixe Records. First Rivers of Gold from Provider and then music video Prove Me Wrong from Free Will. Both are songs that I hold dear.

Bry Webb Website

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