Daniel Markham – Disintegrator (coming out 6th of May)


Major news if you ask me. Daniel Markham will release his new album Disintegrator on 6th of May. The regular readers of this little blog/website are well aware that I absolutely love the previous Daniel Markham album Pretty Bitchin’. It’s one of my favourite albums of this current decade. Needless to say that I’m extremely excited that there will be follow-up in a few weeks time. I just pre-ordered over at Bandcamp and can’t wait to get my hands on the album when it arrives. I will get back to this once I’ve actually heard the album. So far I’ve only heard this title track and opening track Disintegrator and I LOVE IT. Popmatters also has a premiere going on for the music video for the song. So follow this link, if you want to get both sound and vision.

As previously mentioned, the pre-order is currently going on at Bandcamp. This is Disintegrator.

Daniel Markham at Facebook

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