Jake Nicoll – Two Things & Half Of Nothing


Jake Nicoll plays the drums for my big favourite The Burning Hell, but apparently he is also a great songwriter. He recently released a double album Two Things / Half Of Nothing. I’m still in the stage of processing all that beauty that these albums injected into my heart, but I’m definitely impressed about this all. It’s not an easy task to make an epic double and hold it together through the whole journey. Many of these feel very personal songs and are little windows into his life. These are also kind of like motivational tapes for me, because more than a few of them give simple, but true insights about life and by doing so they make me want to overcome the self-doubt that is continuously crippling me. Here’s a couple of great examples of Jake’s songwriting abilities. One from each of these albums that are available for 5 CAD per album over at Bandcamp. My Friends from Two Things and Little Lies from Half Of Nothing.

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