Frederick Squire – Spooky Action at a Distance (new album May 27)


There’s not enough talk about the greatness of Canadian songwriter Frederick Squire. At least not in this corner of the world where I reside. I think his albums March 12 (2010 release) and Sings Shenandoah and Other Popular Hits (2011) are both amazing. I was late to this party though and only acquired them some years later. Probably haven’t even written about them because of that. Another reason why I should write about older albums, because March 12 has become very dear to me since I picked it from Zunior’s Boxing day sale few years back.

Fred is also the Fred in Daniel, Fred & Julie and a former member of Shotgun & Jaybird. I haven’t listened to the latter one yet, even though that’s probably a criminal offense. Just like in Fred’s case, I’m familiar with Shotgun Jimmie’s future actions though (he also has a new album out on You’ve Changed and I’m planning on writing about that one later). Anyway, this was just an early shout out to tell you that a) Frederick Squire is marvellous and b) He has a new album Spooky Action at a Distance coming out May 27th and I couldn’t be more excited to hear it. The first outtake Bike Thief surfaced a couple of days ago and it sounds mighty good to me. You can judge yourself by hitting that play button below.

And here’s a couple of should-be classics from the older albums mentioned above.

Frederick Squire at Bandcamp

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