Luke Bell – Sometimes (video)


American country singer-songwriter Luke Bell will release his self-titled album on 17th of June and I’m very eager to hear it, because I really enjoyed his previous one Don’t Mind If I Do that I bought from his Bandcamp a while back. Actually the only unfortunate thing about this new album is that some of these songs already appeared on Don’t Mind If I Do. However, in this case it’s perfectly understandable to use some of that excellent older material, because not that many people heard it and these songs deserve and demand to be heard. This video track Sometimes is one of those (should-be) hits that was on the earlier one, but I still love it and there’s not many places I’d rather be right now then at that bar singing along to Sometimes with Luke and other heroes like Patrick Sweany and Erin Rae.


Also highly recommend this Luke Bell video


Luke Bell Website

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