John Klemmensen and the Party


Lately I’ve spent my nights watching every John Klemmensen & The Party video I’ve been able to find. I ended up checking out his songs a week or two ago because of some old short Arliss Nancy tweet posted sometime last year and kind of instantly fell for this music. John Klemmensen is one incredible vocalist and often there’s a heavenly good female vocalist backing him up. I could listen these two sing all day long. Then add some high quality honest and fragile rock songs and you have a winning formula. Or at least you should have winning formula. They seem to be way too unknown outside of their hometown Omaha and it’s been a bit hard to find a lot of information or songs to listen to. I did order the latest vinyl Party All Night from their Bandcamp, so hopefully that will arrive on my doorstep in the coming weeks.

Here’s a couple of those John Klemmensen & The Party videos that I’ve been watching. Just listen to this man sing his heart out.

John Klemmensen and the Party at Bandcamp

John Klemmensen at Facebook

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