Mikko Joensuu – Amen 1


I never really got totally into Joensuu 1685. My loss I would assume, because a lot of folks whose taste I trust really loved them. I probably figure it all out in a few years and start shouting their name from the rooftops decade too late. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Moving on to 2016 and it’s time for Mikko Joensuu’s solo debut and first part of his Amen trilogy. Amen 1 is a magnificent album and now I’m definitely on board. The serene, fragile and hymnal beauty of this is remarkable. The title Amen 1 and songs revolving around spiritual issues might scare someone away, but you don’t really have to be a religious type to get lost in the everlasting wistful beauty of the songs. Gods like Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt have been namedropped on several reviews, but besides the North American folk tradition, there’s also something very Finnish in here as well. There’s a song or two that remind me of Topi Saha and I can easily hear him covering them in my head. In all fairness, I have no words to describe this. The first version just had the word “speechless” and song samples in it. I should have stuck with that. Amen 1 is a wonderful album and I’m so eager to hear where Amen 2 and Amen 3 will take me.

Mikko Joensuu Website

And continuing the subject with one of my favourite songs of the year.

Caleb McCoach – Love Yr Neighbor

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