Arliss Nancy – Greater Divides


Then something a little bit different. The new and excellent Arliss Nancy album Greater Divides might not be a complete match with my music taste, but it’s not far off either. Every now and then I sure can use a bit of rock’n’roll that falls close to the same ball park as things like The Replacements, Gaslight Anthem, Two Cow Garage, Damn Seagulls etc. In fact I probably need that to keep functioning as a living soul. Arliss Nancy has also been my work day soundtrack lately, because it’s a good empathetic kick in the groin, if the physical labor tries to drag my mind or body down. Greater Divides is now out and available on Gunner Records. This is DuFresne from the album and below that you’ll find the music video for the song Bar Of The Century.


Arliss Nancy Website

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