Michael McDonald – The Last Day


This is a welcome surprise and also a major news event on the One Chord to Another scale. Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a new Michael McDonald album The Last Day ready, willing and able to charm us with its gentle beauty. And no, this is not that Michael McDonald. This is even better than that. This is the originally North Carolinian master of sweet pop songs who is living in Finland. His previous album Finally was the album of the year 2006 on this little blog of mine and the long time readers know the degree of love I have for that album. Damn hard to believe it’s been ten years though. Feels like that was yesterday. Perhaps because my heart is once again filled with Michael’s serene and timeless pop songs. This beautiful album is available at least on his Bandcamp page. This is Will I See You Again from the album. This matters.

Michael McDonald at Bandcamp

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