Joana Serrat – Cross The Verge


Joana Serrat’s new album Cross The Verge came out on Loose Music a couple of months ago. Joana is a Spanish songwriter and this is her third album. I never came across with the first two, but I was instantly hooked when the song Cloudy Heart from this one found its way to my ears. This was partly because the song features Neil Halstead and I’ve been addicted to his music and voice for the past 15-20 years. Cross The Verge also features another duet with a voice I adore. That voice belongs to Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woords, Yarrow, solo) and the song Black Lake is dark and beautiful. However, while these duets with Neil and Ryan are both great and served as my introduction to her music, it’s Joana who is the star here and delivers an album full of convincing folk songs.

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