The Felice Brothers – Life in the Dark


The Felice Brothers is a band I used to love, but somewhere along the way I lost track. I was especially fond of Tonight at The Arizona and the self-titled album, but after that my interest slowly faded. I’m back on board now though, because the few outtakes I heard from their new album The Life in the Dark sounded so good to me that I went and bought the vinyl. This probably won’t hit my top 10 for the year or anything, but it’s still a damn good album full of captivating songs and I’m even thinking of whether I should take a boat cruise to Sweden next February, if their tour doesn’t reach Finnish shores. This rugged lo-fi sound of the new album is also a perfect fit to these gorgeous folk stories and narratives. It’s difficult to understand why such a magnificent piece of music has gotten a lot of lukewarm reviews. This one is the great opening track Aerosol Ball from Life in the Dark that is now out and available on Yep Roc.


This video below is still my favourite The Felice Brother moment. Impromptu live version of Her Eyes Dart Round from 2007.


The Felice Brothers Website

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