China – Pool of Tears


Some rather brilliant news waited on my mailbox when I arrived home after a 12-hour work shift. There was a notification that China has released a new album called Pool of Tears. I was very much into their earlier EPs, so I instantly bought a digital copy and this is what I’ve been listening to it all evening long. It might be too early for final conclusions, but I’m so loving this and will probably soon start re-sketching my favourite albums of 2016 list. China is following Odawas lead and sounds absolutely marvellous. I would even prefer China, if I had to choose. Thankfully I don’t have to choose and I can just love both China and Odawas and all the the music that Michael James Tapscott and co makes. Pool of Tears is now out and available on Royal Oakie Records.

Everyone Thinks I'm A Loser by China from Royal Oakie on Vimeo.

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