Adeline Hotel – It’s Alright, Just The Same


Adeline Hotel
aka Dan Knishkowy has been on my radar for a while and I’ve been pretty close to featuring his earlier releases, but in the end I haven’t. Until now that is, because I’m very fond of his new Will Stratton produced album It’s Alright, Just The Same.

Adeline Hotel takes influence from artists like Bert Jansch, Wilco and The Weather Station and on one occasion he is singing about Big Star. So it sure looks Dan is onto me and makes music that ticks all the right boxes. However, that itself wouldn’t do that much, if he didn’t have his own voice and great song material. There’s no worries whatsoever on that department though. There’s a lot of marvellous songs on the album. This one for example is an absolute beauty. Wonder Why from the new Adeline Hotel album that is now out on Wild Kindness.

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