Album of the Month: Andy Shauf – The Party


I guess I need to make another quick post about the new Andy Shauf album The Party, because it has been standing on that album of the month slot for couple of months. This Canadian songwriter is just utterly brilliant. Actually if I did some sort of mid-year list for 2016, this would probably be on the first place. Well it’s either this or the last Richmond Fontaine album. At least that’s how I feel about it now. Things might change by the time we get to December, but there isn’t an any kind indication that my love for this album would start fading away. It’s an absolute beauty of an album and I love it to bits. A wonderfully orchestrated and arranged collection of songs that makes me forget time and place and I end up dragged into the life of these people, their stories and narratives. The Party is a colourful pop masterpiece. All songs are winners, but my favourite is probably Martha Sways that ends the album in perfect fashion. Five hearts any day of the week. The Party is now out on ANTI- (US/Europe) Arts & Crafts (Canada).

Andy Shauf Website

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