Click Clack Clackity Clack


You might think that now I have completely lost it and while that might also be true and a fair assumption, Click Clack and Clackity Clack are actually songs and Canadian music treasures.

Click Clack is a song by Nap Eyes and outtake from their Thought Rock Fish Scale album which sits firmly on my 2016 top ten. Not the best song on it, but magnificent nevertheless. There’s a music video for it that I haven’t posted and that was the reason for this blog post.

Nap Eyes at Facebook


The song title Click Clack of course made me of think of a song called Clackity Clack that appeared on Michael Feuerstack’s 2015 album The Forgettable Truth. That’s just how my mind works and I can’t miss this opportunity to post this wonderful song again. Clackity Clack and the whole album still sound perfect to me. Pick it up in case you missed it last year.

Michael Feuerstack Website

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