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I’m ashamed to say that I’m only vaguely familiar with Scott Nolan and his songwriting catalog. Even that vaguely familiar is probably an overstatement. I’ve known one of his songs for years though. It’s called Bad Liver and a Broken Heart and Hayes Carll performed it on his Trouble In Mind album. For a really long time I actually thought it was a song by Hayes Carll and probably haven’t been aware of the truth for more than year or so.

It’s definitely about time to get to know this Canadian songwriter and I started by buying his most recent album Silverhill a couple of weeks ago and this is filled with absolutely gorgeous songs. Ok, maybe a filler or two as well, but that’s perfectly ok when most of the songs find the core of my heart. Scott Nolan is a great songwriter and storyteller and these songs are a good place to rest after a hard day at the factory. A lot of depth and value companied with a certain easy-flowing charm that travels through me. Silverhill is out on Transistor 66. Now I need to dig deeper into his song catalog.

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  1. I could not agree more. I am an aspiring songwriter and I cam across Scotts song Bad Liver and a Broken Heart on a Song Cloud forum with a bunch of Canadian singer songwriters at an American Songwriting conference. There were lots of good songs but that one is awesome…… so simple and effective. It is also a lot of fun to play.

    Seems lots of people give Hayes the credit for the song unfortunately …..Hayes also saw the potential and makes good use of it in his live performance.

    Anyway, thank you Scott Nolan…. keep up the good work…. you will get there!!!!

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