The Tyde – Darren 4


I didn’t see this coming. The Tyde will release a new album Darren 4 in September. It’s definitely great news. I just wasn’t expecting it, because it has been 10 years from the last one. I was very much into The Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde and all associated west coast acts a decade ago. And still am of course, because this stuff is actually still ruling the world. The old ones still sound great and we got new The Beachwoods Sparks album some years ago, GospelbeacH last year, The Skiffle Players early this year and now the new Tyde album this fall. What’s not to love. First outtake from Darren 4 is now out and it’s called The Curse in Reverse. It features certain Bernard Butler (Ex-Suede) in guitar and co-vocals. If we take another 10 years of the clock and go to the mid-nineties, Suede was the band I loved the most in the world. I’m not as passionate about them anymore, but early Suede still holds a special place in my heart. Anyway, here’s the new song from The Tyde album. Whole thing is coming out on Spiritual Pajamas on 9th of September.

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