Aaron Lee Tasjan – Silver Tears


The new Aaron Lee Tasjan song Little Movies premiered over at NPR earlier in the week and it has been my favourite song in the world since then. ALT has been damn good for a long time, but this is still on a whole another level. It’s also a bit different than what I was expecting. Heck, actually this one also fits quite nicely under that “pop site” subtitle unlike most of the stuff I post these days. So maybe I was expecting something like this from the new Cotton Mather album for example (which I still haven’t heard, have to fix that soon) instead of Aaron Lee Tasjan. Nothing to complain about it though. I absolutely love this song. It’s brilliant and shines brighter than his suit. The album Silver Tears will come out on New West Records in late October. There’s also a pledge campaign going on at the moment, if you want to support the release by pre-ordering.

Here’s the new Aaron Lee Tasjan song Little Movies. The best music thing in my world right now.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website

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  1. Wasn’t familiar with Aaron’s music, but I quite enjoyed this song, and will definitely check out more of his stuff. Cool video too. Thanks for the heads up.

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