Austin Lucas – Between The Moon & The Midwest


I really should quit this blog, because I haven’t even managed to write about the new Austin Lucas album Between The Moon & The Midwest. I always end up in trouble with the albums that matter the most, because I want to write something better and more meaningful about them than just a quick little news entry. Then months fly by, because I can’t come up with anything that I would be happy about and one day I notice that the album(s) that matter the most to me, didn’t even get a mention. For example new Austin Lucas and Daniel Romano albums fall into this category. I suppose the good thing is that while these people might not be world famous, the readers of this little website are probably all aware of their greatness. So this is like preaching to a choir kind of thing.

Between The Moon & The Midwest came out early in the year on At The Helm Records (UK/Europe) and Last Chance Records (USA) and it’s one of my favourite albums of the year. The whole thing is absolutely gorgeous. Personal favourites are the opener Unbroken Hearts and it’s traditional country vibes, Wrong Side of the Dream that is beautiful duet with Lydia Loveless and the album closer Midnight. Austin Lucas sure knows how to end an album. Splinters was the biggest treasure on his previous album Stay Reckless and Midnight is the one that strikes me the hardest on this new album. So brilliant. The whole album is. You’ll definitely need to hear this one, if you already haven’t. Austin is timeless and Sally is forever.

It proved to be difficult to find album cuts to stream from the usual places, so here’s a great video of Austin performing the album opener Unbroken Hearts (video by Alex Berlin).

Austin Lucas Website

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