turns 15: The Burning Hell – Fuck The Government, I Love You


In a couple of weeks (September 17 to be more precise) this little amateur-ish blog turns 15. The summer flew by fast and I was too lazy to set up anything to celebrate this minor event. Minor in the grand scheme of things, but quite a big deal for me personally. Despite all its flaws, I’m still far prouder of this little hobby than anything I’ve achieved in the real work life. I don’t really know anything about music theory and couldn’t learn to play an instrument to safe my life, but One Chord to Another has never been about music critique or writing analytic pieces about music. The whole purpose has been just to love music passionately and wholeheartedly and share those crushes and lifelong addictions with the world or the few regular readers.

I’m not really sure what the future holds from now on. Even though I love doing this, this is also a giant drain on me, because I’m continuously stressed about not having the time and energy to write about everything that matters to me. The goal was to get to 15 and soon I will be there. I’ll finish this year as usual and figure out in January what’s the next move. I guess the options are a) just quit b) carry on as before c) find some new less draining method to continue this. C might be the preferred option at the moment, because I might not have the heart to stop completely, because has been such a big part of my life for such a long time. As long as I could figure out the way to do it without the guilt of neglecting that and that awesome release. We shall see how it goes.

While I don’t have anything super special planned for this anniversary, I thought I’ll at least do what is all about. So leading up to the September 17 blog birthday, I will be sharing the songs that I’ve fallen madly in love with during these 15 years of Mostly focusing to the last five I think, because I covered some important ones when I reached 10 years. It’s very obvious that I have to start this thing with my biggest song crush of recent years. Fuck The Government, I Love You by The Burning Hell. I’ve probably listened to this a few hundred times, but I just can’t get tired of it. You’ll find the song from the latest The Burning Hell album Public Library that came out in the spring on the great BB Island label.

The Burning Hell Website

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