Ryan Tanner – Promised Land


The big and most pleasant suprise of the week was the release of a new Ryan Tanner album Promised Land. Together Is Where We Belong was such a beautiful album a few years back and songs like Days To Think Of You have been a part of my DNA ever since. Oh how I still love the peaceful hurt of that song.

New album Promised Land sounds equally amazing and it’s available at Bandcamp (name your price). Kiki Jane Sieger deliver beautiful backing vocals to some of the songs. Their voices fit together so beautifully and lift these already great songs to a new level (I hope we get something new from The Souvenirs as well, because I wouldn’t mind hearing more of Kiki’s voice). Ryan Tanner has again created a special album and I know I will be resting my tired body in the peaceful comfort of this album.

And here’s that Days to Think Of You from the earlier album. This could well be a song on that 15 anniversary thing I started today. So brilliant.

Ryan Tanner Website

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