turns 15: Simon Joyner – Nostalgia Blues


File under the best albums of the decade. Simon Joyner’s Grass, Branch & Bone is a masterpiece. You might remember that I praised this a couple of times last year when it came out on Woodsist. I loved it then and my feelings have only grown stronger during the past year. It’s the only 2015 release that I still listen to on a weekly basis and find it thrilling, moving and beautiful each and every time. If there are songwriting schools, this album should be a mandatory lesson. Somewhere in the crossroad of Lou, Leonard & Townes and filled with absolutely wonderful songs. All songs are winners, but I need to go with Nostalgia Blues on this pointless anniversary thingy, because it’s the first song I heard from the album and instantly fell in love with it. Old Days, Jefferson Reed.. Oh well.. all of them are equally amazing. Grass, Branch & Bone has pretty much been my favourite album in the world during the past few months.

Simon Joyner at Facebook reaches 15 years on September 17. Leading up to that, I will be sharing some songs that I hold dear. Songs that I’ve loved the most during the years I’ve been making this. So basicly just some nostalgic crap, but with a damn brilliant soundtrack.

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