turns 15: J.E. Sunde – A Blinding Flash of Light


A Blinding Flash Of Light by J.E. Sunde was a huge addiction a couple of years ago and while I might not be listening to it every day anymore, I still hold it in extremely high regard. This song became a part of who I am and I will carry it with me as long as I live. If this site still exists in 2020 and I decide to pick the top 50 songs of the decade or something, I’m confident that this will be among my first picks. The whole album Shapes that Kiss the Lips of God is a treasure and this song is the brightest diamond on it. The album came out on Cartouche Records back in 2014. Also the earlier The Daredevil Christopher Wright stuff is awesome. Oh and the song Rabbit Rag and I that isn’t on this album is also unearthly brilliant. I can’t wait to hear more music from J.E.Sunde.

J.E. Sunde Website

And here’s a music video for the song Easy Kid as a bonus.

[youtube=] reaches 15 years on September 17. Leading up to that, I will be sharing some songs that I hold dear. Songs that I’ve loved the most during the years I’ve been making this. So basicly just some nostalgic crap, but with a damn brilliant soundtrack.

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