turns 15: Barna Howard – Turns Around the Bottle


Sticking in Portland for the time being and could stay there for several entries on this anniversary thingy. The whole Mama Bird family could and should be here and then there’s Huck and Richmond Fontaine and ton of other things. Portland rules my world. Actually Adam Selzer from the previous entry produced and recorded Barna Howard’s second album Quite A Feelin’. While that one is just as wonderful, I have to go with a song from the debut on this. After all, the self-titled Barna Howard album is one of the dearest and nearest to my heart. Besides being a magnificent album filled with the finest songwriting, it was my introduction to my current favourite record label, Mama Bird Recording Co. During the past five years they’ve released a lot of albums that I hold oh so dear. Myriam Gendron, Widower, Vikesh Kapoor etc. Just wonderful. And their 2016 releases from Courtney Marie Andrews and Birger Olsen are both among the year’s finest. I don’t really have an absolute favourite song on Barna’s classic debut, because I love all of them. Maybe I might be the most fond I’ll Let You Pick Window, but I’ll go with this live version of Turns Around the Bottle.

And here’s the first single Promise, I Won’t Laugh as a bonus.

Barna Howard Website
Mama Bird Recording Co. Website reaches 15 years on September 17. Leading up to that, I will be sharing some songs that I hold dear. Songs that I’ve loved the most during the years I’ve been making this. So basicly just some nostalgic crap, but with a damn brilliant soundtrack.

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