strikes 15 today: Viljami Kukkonen – Mörönsyötti


One Chord to Another is now 15 years old. Huge thanks for everyone who has been with me on this little journey through music. No matter whether you’ve red this blog the full 15 years or just browsed through a couple of post somewhere along the way. It means a lot to me that you’ve visited this and it makes the countless amount of hours I’ve put to this worthwhile.

I had this little anniversary thing going on for the past few weeks. I seriously run out of time, because I meant to do one or two each day, but I just didn’t have the energy to keep that going during 50+ hour work weeks. So very significant ones like Ochre Room, Daniel Markham, John Moreland, Topi Saha, Frontier Ruckus, Small Houses, Myriam Gendron, Lac Belot, Ilona V, Hezekiah Jones, The Deep Dark Woods, Koria Kitten Riot, Chris Bathgate are still missing. Maybe I continue doing these posts during the rest of this year. Not that anyone else than myself care that much if some significant favourites are missing. Oh and the biggest inspirations behind this blog were mostly covered during the 10 year anniversary. The Sugarrush, Bridget, Cats On Fire, Office Building, The Rollstons, Penniless still rule my world.

It was clear from the start of these anniversary posts that I wanted to post something about Mörönsyötti by Viljami Kukkonen on this birthday. I’m forgetting my rules here a bit, because I couldn’t pick just one song from this wonderful album. It’s a friend to me that has been with me during the longest nights that thanks to Mörönsyötti always led to daylight. This album knows things about me that I might not even recognise myself by the time the morning comes. Sure the album has its fair share of sadness, but it’s presented is such a way that for me Mörönsyötti has always been a kindhearted shoulder. I so needed that when I had some heavy medical worries. Still do on some level, but Mörönsyötti and thyroid medication has significantly helped the situation. has never been about music critique or writing analytic pieces about music. That is important and relevant too, but I don’t have the skills for that. is just about loving songs and albums so wholeheartedly that I want to tell the world or the 7 regular readers about them. Mörönsyötti by Viljami Kukkonen is an album that I’ve loved the most during these 15 years of One Chord To Another.

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