The Needy Sons – Vis-A-Vis


I thought I should also share some new music that I love on this so called blog birthday (ok, it’s past midnight already so I’m a little late), because that’s what this blog is all about. Besides The Needy Sons fits quite well to this little 15 years celebration, because Bill Janovitz’s other band Buffalo Tom was quite a big thing to me around the time this website was born 15 years ago. Yeah, I was clueless in the mid-nineties when the classiest albums came out and got my Buffalo Tom education somewhere around 1999-2001. In case you haven’t heard of Buffalo Tom, listen to an all-time favorite of mine Taillights Fade and work your way from there to the whole excellent catalog. The other stuff like that Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria album is also great and way too underrated at least in this corner of the world.

Anyway, enough with the nostalgic stuff. The Needy Sons has some new stunning music for you. That first paragraph might make you believe that this is a one man show, but that’s not true. The Needy Sons is a band that consists of Bill Janovitz, Mike Gent, Ed Valauskas, and Eric Anderson. Bill Janovitz and Mike Gent (The Figgs) share the songwriting duties and both do a really good job. The album Vis-A-Vis is now out on Bandcamp (CD/digital) and other digital outlets should follow within a few weeks. Here’s one excellent song from each songwriter. The Swimmer from Bill Janovitz and Majoring in Slow from Mike Gent. Listen/buy the whole thing on their bandcamp.

The Needy Sons at Facebook

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